Ear Wax Remover,Wireless Otoscope Earwax Removal Tool 1080P HD WiFi Ear Endoscope with LED Light,3.5mm Visual Ear Scope Camera Safe Ear Pick Ear Cleaning Endocsope Kit for Adults Kids & Pets. (Black)


Ear Wax Remover,Wireless Otoscope Earwax Removal Tool 1080P HD WiFi Ear Endoscope with LED Light,3.5mm Visual Ear Scope Camera Safe Ear Pick Ear Cleaning Endocsope Kit for Adults Kids & Pets. (Black)

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(24 customer reviews)

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Safe & 1080P HD Camera – equipped with 5 strong LED white lights 1080P(5.0MP) HD camera, will illuminate the ear inspection area and capture more realistic images or recorded stunning videos, which is easier to help you to check whether there is ear infection inside or remove the earwax safely. The medical-grade silicone ear spoon, which is neither too hard or too soft, with suitable angles of tilt, which can not only clean earwax effectively, but also not scratch auditory meatus.

Newest 3.5mm Lens & Wide Application – our wireless otoscope ear camera adopts the newest ultra-slim lens of 3.5mm diameter which is the thinnest lens on Amazon that can reach deep into the ear canal up to the eardrum easily and comfortably, suitable for different size of ear. Can be used for children, adults and pet. You can use this earwax removal tool to check teeth, nasal cavity, throat, scalp roots and other body parts anytime and anywhere. It is an essential tool for family health.

Unique Blue Ray Function – specially equipped with one blue ray light, you can turn on the blue light to clean the ears/nose/mouth/throat or the included ear spoon every time after use. (Note: this blue light function should be operated on your App after connection)

Waterproof & USB Rechargeable Design – Our wireless ear wax removal tool ear camera lens comes with IP67 waterproof grade, easy to clean with water or wipe with alcohol. Built-in 330mAh rechargeable battery which can last for about 90min continuous working time or 120-day standby time.

Wide Compatibility – our wifi ear endoscope camera ear cleaning tool can work well with all kinds of android and iOS smartphones and also tablets. You can check your ears, mouth or nose on your own with your phone or tablet, you can also save image and video.(FOR IOS!!! If your phone or tablet is with iOS 14.0 system or above, please go to your phone Setting – Privacy -Local Network to make our app Mzscope available so that your can use our device)

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24 reviews for Ear Wax Remover,Wireless Otoscope Earwax Removal Tool 1080P HD WiFi Ear Endoscope with LED Light,3.5mm Visual Ear Scope Camera Safe Ear Pick Ear Cleaning Endocsope Kit for Adults Kids & Pets. (Black)

  1. David

    Unable to get rid of that ‘need to pop my ears’ feeling, I took a chance on this particular version of a device I saw all over Amazon. Came quickly, well-packaged and with satisfactory directions to downloading a companion app. The app connected immediately to the device/tool, which worked just as advertised. I ‘scooped’ out a surprising (and yucky) amount of ‘wax’ from pretty far into my ear, being careful not to, you know, stab myself in the brain or anything like that. I probably need to practice a little more with it to get the hang of keeping the camera view where I want it, but the picture was clear enough to be precise as needed to get various little deposits of ugh. My ears don’t seem sore this day after first use, and the pressure/discomfort is gone. For now, let’s call this a surprising win of a purchase 🙂

  2. Knagy08

    This product is awesome! It helps me clean my ears like a champ! Totally recommend

  3. Joe Nar

    The product is compact, very easy to use, with a reliable App, and more than what I expected! No need to wait for ENT Schedule that takes like forever, you can professionally inspect and clean your ears with this magic wand. Very satisfied with my purchase!

  4. Morgan Gill

    I have been deaf in one ear for months and have no insurance so didnt want to go to the dr. LIFE CHANGING. i can hear again. So easy to use. Just download the app, you can even take videos. I showed all my friends lol Theyre all gonna purchase one

  5. Laura

    it was always so difficult for me to clean my ears, not being able to see the earwax that causing me to have trouble hearing was annoying. I would clean and clean and would feel the hard wax causing the trouble, but could never get it out. I would use the end of a bobby pin to try to scoop it out because I didn’t have the proper tools. So thought it was the time to finally get a tool that can help me with my ear wax problems, and I saw this product after comparing others to see what’s best for the price I chose this one! and let me say it’s amazing I’m finally able to see the annoying wax and able to safely take it out. Definitely worth getting also it’s just so cool to be able to see amazing detail of your ears and pores, I can see my blackheads and it feels like I’m dr. pimple popper (not popping anything just fun to look and see it up close). But yeah love this thing my family loves it.

  6. Trish

    Amazing product. Very helpful. Easy to set up and easy to switch your WiFi to the otoscope link while using the scope. Then just go back to your home WiFi when finished scoping. 😀
    Heads up, If you keep the light on for over 7-9 min. It gets a little warm in the ear. But that’s expected with the great bright light in there I think.

  7. Michaelia Salome

    I’m a mom, so I clean my kids ears, even my husbands. And I clean mine as well but I’m not able to the inside as I wish I could. So I finally invested in something like this, and let me tell you, I was not diss appointed! I loved it!! I was able to see the inside of my ear clearly and able to clean it with a breeze. Tool was easy to use and effective. Came with a few scoopers which I like. Definitely would recommend!!!

  8. Leah Bobula

    Wow- pretty cool to be able to see into my ear. My left ear had the blockage pictured, even though I use q-tips in my ears after I shower daily. I had to soak that ear in hydrogen peroxide for 10 minutes to soften up the wax to get it out. Those are the two biggest chunks that came out. You definitely have to be careful and aware of how deep you’re going. I suggest using it on yourself so you can orient the camera and feel the pressure/pain to know when to stop.

  9. Claudia

    Wow! I am pleasantly surprised. I had ordered this in a panic before reading the reviews because I believed my right ear was blocked. The more reviews I read the more it seemed too good to be true.
    It arrived 2 days later. I downloaded their app (MZ scope), connected to the tool through Wifi like the manual instructed, took off the cap, the camera and lights came on immediately, and showed up on the app. I learned that it wasn’t my ear that was blocked, but that my earphones needed replacing!

    The camera is clear enough to see 3-5mm in front of it, and the lights are bright, which does mean that the end of the scope can heat up a bit. I used it for about 1-2 minutes and it got quiet warm, but not too hot to use, and it cools down relatively quickly when off. The scope’s width is only a little bit smaller than my ear cannal, so might be harder to see into children’s ears. The app is very simple, and may require some trial-and-error for those that are unfamiliar with what the icons mean.

    They do offer a “5-star review, get one free” promotion, which is the main reason I am writing a review, but I’m hoping to get the second one for my sister because it’s such a great emergency tool to have.

    I definitely recommend this product. I have not yet tested battery life, or tried the silicone spoons, although I read one review that said the spoons were too long, which meant the camera isn’t able to see clearly where it is digging. Other than that, a good product! Thank you!

  10. William A. Seleen, Jr.

    This small endoscope is perfect for examining ears. It has a good image and with a delicate touch can achieve the results of wax removal an ease. Self use can be achieved with practice. Orientation of scope is like looking in the mirror while manipulating device. So a little practice is good. When using on another the orientation is easier and if used delicately one can achieve their goals easily. I will buy this again, love it.

  11. mishigas

    Cerumen buildup has always been a problem for me, with the biggest being I wasn’t sure when too much has built up until it was too late. On a bit of a lark, I found the device along with a number of competing devices. After reading many reviews and taking into account features, reviews, and price, I went with it and have not been disappointed.

    I told a friend about it before it arrived musing at the idea of being able to take a picture or video and wouldn’t you know it, that’s built into their app. Now if you ask for a “dirty picture”, it’ll be of my ear canal before cleaning! LOL Seriously though, I’ve been very pleased with this device so far and would definitely recommend.

    I do have one warning, maneuvering the scope based on the visual on the screen takes some getting used to both in terms of depth perception and simple directional movement. I’ll also note that things will look HUGE on the screen, but be quite tiny in reality. Yay for magnification!

    My only concern is what to do when I need new end attachments, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

  12. Katie Hills

    My daughter (3 years old) had been crying due to a pain in her ear for a couple of days. Due to covid, her pediatrician wasn’t seeing sick kids in her office. We were prescribed amoxicillin over the phone and were alternating ibuprofen and Tylenol to ease her pain. It was assumed she had an ear infection. I wanted to look in her ear, so I ordered this product. I was shocked when I saw, clear on the camera, a bug!!! Immediate care was able to flush it out. I can’t imagine her having to deal with the bug in her ear any longer than she did because her doctor wouldn’t see her! I’m recommending this to all my mama friends! I was also able to remove a large ball of wax out of my infant son’s ear. I love this product!

  13. Vivian Esther

    I was so excited when I found this product on Amazon. I’ve always had the feeling of having something in my ear. No matter how many ear drop solutions I use from all different brand’s numerous times, I still had that feeling of something in my ear. My ear doesn’t hurt or bother me, just feel like something is like tickling/brushing up against my eardrum sometime. so finally I come upon this product!!! It was music to my ears, finally, I have found it! A camera so I can see what’s in my ear and boom- sold!
    Arrived exactly as pictured, nice package.
    Really easy to use.
    Charge scope
    Download app
    Select correct WiFi
    Take cap off scope
    Insert scope to ear
    AND I Was so relieved to see it was a hair that’s “on” my eardrum, nothing else! Whewww…
    I love this thing!
    Better than I expected and definitely a great buy!

  14. Peter Konopak

    I have always had issues with massive earwax buildup/impaction. I tried using that earwax softener for a long time, and it was helpful, but didn’t really get the big stuff out. This was AMAZING! Easy to use, not too expensive, and I felt very safe because I was in total control of what was going on in my ears. The real breakthrough came when I decided to use some of the earwax softener before going back at it. I got the two chunks that are pictured out of my ear, and I feel like I have been granted aural freedom!
    My one complaint is that the directions don’t give a lot of advice about using the product – only how to get it connected to your phone. I will, however, be recommending this to everyone I know, and I am getting one for my parents as well!

  15. Joanna Norris

    I normally don’t review products, but WOW! I have tried wax removal drops, and warm water to remove excess ear wax, but I had NO idea how much was being left behind. I can instantly hear a difference after cleaning my ears with this tool!

  16. Victor Macadam

    Saw some videos online about people using candles to remove gunk from their ears.( Negative pressure from a cylindrical candle creates a vacuum). I chose to be safe and avoid that route completely and here we are. LOL.

    Packaging is sleek and reminds me of an Apple product. In my mind I’m already thinking this would be a great gift for someone. Easy to set up. Just scan the QR code with your iPhone and it will link you to the App Store to download the app. Few steps to pair and you’re set!

    The spoon tips they provide are sufficient in durability where it will last plenty of uses, looks easy to clean, and the texture isn’t
    so rigid that it can injure you easily. But be careful!! I saw my ear drum. I stayed clear from that area. My only gripe is that the on and off switch is the penlight otoscope cap. If you lose it you’re screwed. Used it for 15 minutes straight, I’m more concerned about the long jevity of the battery life, but we’ll just have to see. So far A+ product!!!

  17. Ella Roosevelt

    Used it for ear cleaning. Small learning curve on how to tilt the pen to get a good camera angle but was fairly easy to use. For some reason I thought I would have a lot more buildup in my ears but this camera pen showed me it was fairly clean. Kinda wish the cleaning tips were a little shorter so I could get the camera in a little deeper but it is by no means a deal breaker.

  18. Bruce Theresa

    This is one of the best and grossest things I have ever bought. At first I thought the camera quality was horrible but when you stick it in your ear it is as clear as day. Its super easy to use and I feel like a weight has been lifted off my ears. I couldn’t even see my eardrum there was so much wax in there. I would definitely recommend this plus its way cheaper than going to the doc.

  19. Kimberley Ted

    If your looking for an effective way of cleaning your ears with out water or using the old q-tip this product is the best thing to cleaning your ears out effortlessly and precisely. The camera works great and when reading the start up guide for the tool & app are such easy steps to get it working. Very presentable packing I must say too!

  20. Ingemar Charles

    The product was easy to use and set up using WiFi. I used to be a Qtip ear user until advised by a physician to never use them in my ears. I’ve had no problem with the tip not staying tightly in place. This is a good ear wax removal product. I recommend.

  21. Angela Grace

    I was so excited to get this after reading the reviews and I was not disappointed. I get wax buildup in my ears and felt a blockage. This came quickly and I used it immediately to see what was going on in my ear. The app is really easy to install and my phone had no problems connecting to the WiFi. I cleaned everything with rubbing alcohol as recommended then wiped the lens with the cloth provided so the picture was clear. I was really impressed with how clear it was. Great quality! Totally recommend this!

  22. Joan Barrett

    Without getting into too much detail, this ear endoscope really helped me visualize my ear infection so that I can spot treat areas more efficiently. The ear pick does a great job of holding just the right amount of medication to deliver to infected areas.
    The camera is clear and also allows you to record a video of your ear. This is an awesome product!

  23. Dominic Conrad

    We downloaded the app and got everything set up within minutes. Using the camera scope can be a tad tricky because looking at the camera on your phone displays the ear canal at a different angle. However, there are buttons at the bottom of the camera on your phone that allows you to rotate the camera 180 degrees, so that helps. But once you get the hang of the scope it is super neat! My family declares it’s the best Christmas gift of the season!

  24. Elliot Vaughan

    I would recommend this tool to everyone. I used it for myself and my children. The price is very competitive to other brands. I used my iPhone to scan the QR-code and installed app in just a few minutes. The instructions were very simple to follow and after connecting to the device’s wi-fi and starting to use the tool for the first time, I am so impressed with it. The light is very bright and the picture is clear.

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