Frequently Questions

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Is it waterproof? Can it be used as an endoscope?

Dear customer,Glad to reply to you.Our earwax removal tool is partially waterproof. The waterproof rating of the otoscope is IP67, and only the lens is waterproof. Therefore, when cleaning, you need to pay attention to not immerse the whole body of the earwax removal tool in water. This will not affect the use effect, you can buy and use it with confidence.

How long can I use a full charge?

Dear customer,Glad to reply to you.The charging speed of our smart visual ear cleaning stick is very fast. The smart visual ear cleaning stick has a built-in 330mAh rechargeable battery, which can be fully charged in one and a half hours, less than two hours. The use efficiency of the smart visual ear cleaning stick is very high, it can meet your needs and you will find the operation process is very simple during use.

Is wifi ear spection camera delay in the image?

Our earwax removal tool equipped with 5 strong LED white lights 1080P(5.0MP) HD camera, will illuminate the ear spection area and capture more realistic images or recorded stunning videos, which is easier to help you to check whether there is ear infection inside or remove the earwax safely.

How to charge wireless otoscope ear cleaner tool?

Dear customer,Glad to reply to you.The download method of the ear endoscope wax removal application is very simple. Download and install the app called MZscope on the device, or scan the QR code on the manual. If you have any questions, you can read the manual or contact us in time.

Is ear wax remover clear to see the detail in my ear?

Dear customer,Glad to reply to you.Yes. You can use our earwax removal tool to check your ears, you can find the problems inside the ears by observation, and you can treat them in time. You can safely use our earwax removal tool to check your ears. You can check the inside of the ear comfortably and conveniently.

Can toddlers use this wireless ear camera otoscope?

YES,HD wireless otoscope ear wax removal tool digital ear endoscope with light, very easy and safe to use, helps you check your ears, mouth,nose or other body parts on your own anytime and anywhere. Can be used for children, adults and pets.