Ear Wax Remover,Wireless Otoscope Earwax Removal Tool 1080P HD WiFi Ear Endoscope with LED Light,3.5mm Visual Ear Scope Camera Safe Ear Pick Ear Cleaning Endocsope Kit for Adults Kids & Pets. (Silver)


Ear Wax Remover,Wireless Otoscope Earwax Removal Tool 1080P HD WiFi Ear Endoscope with LED Light,3.5mm Visual Ear Scope Camera Safe Ear Pick Ear Cleaning Endocsope Kit for Adults Kids & Pets. (Silver)

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Safe & 1080P HD Camera – equipped with 5 strong LED white lights 1080P(5.0MP) HD camera, will illuminate the ear inspection area and capture more realistic images or recorded stunning videos, which is easier to help you to check whether there is ear infection inside or remove the earwax safely. The medical-grade silicone ear spoon, which is neither too hard or too soft, with suitable angles of tilt, which can not only clean earwax effectively, but also not scratch auditory meatus.

Newest 3.5mm Lens & Wide Application – our wireless otoscope ear camera adopts the newest ultra-slim lens of 3.5mm diameter which is the thinnest lens on Amazon that can reach deep into the ear canal up to the eardrum easily and comfortably, suitable for different size of ear. Can be used for children, adults and pet. You can use this earwax removal tool to check teeth, nasal cavity, throat, scalp roots and other body parts anytime and anywhere. It is an essential tool for family health.

Unique Blue Ray Function – specially equipped with one blue ray light, you can turn on the blue light to clean the ears/nose/mouth/throat or the included ear spoon every time after use. (Note: this blue light function should be operated on your App after connection)

Waterproof & USB Rechargeable Design – Our wireless ear wax removal tool ear camera lens comes with IP67 waterproof grade, easy to clean with water or wipe with alcohol. Built-in 330mAh rechargeable battery which can last for about 90min continuous working time or 120-day standby time.

Wide Compatibility – our wifi ear endoscope camera ear cleaning tool can work well with all kinds of android and iOS smartphones and also tablets. You can check your ears, mouth or nose on your own with your phone or tablet, you can also save image and video.(FOR IOS!!! If your phone or tablet is with iOS 14.0 system or above, please go to your phone Setting – Privacy -Local Network to make our app Mzscope available so that your can use our device)

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16 reviews for Ear Wax Remover,Wireless Otoscope Earwax Removal Tool 1080P HD WiFi Ear Endoscope with LED Light,3.5mm Visual Ear Scope Camera Safe Ear Pick Ear Cleaning Endocsope Kit for Adults Kids & Pets. (Silver)

  1. Humphrey Green

    The instructions were written a bit wonky, but easy to figure out, and I got my money’s worth after just the first use. All the stuff I pulled out of my ear was worth what I paid for this item!

  2. Armand Raphael

    Update- This company has fantastic customer service. We needed new ear spoons. Their response was very quick and they sent them out to us right away.

  3. Andrew Lucy

    This little unit it pretty amazing. The picture is clear and being able to see it on an iPad in a large size is helpful. Also, being able to see it and do it yourself is a nice option. Better than a regular ototscope

  4. Wilbur Felton

    This is an amazing. My wife ordered it because she though she had plugged ears, but it was I who had the plug. It’s so easy to use and I was able to remove my plug no problem. it was huge, and now I can hear even better.

  5. Stephanie Cook

    I liked this product because it was affordable and very useful with easy to follow instructions.
    All you have to do is use the QR code which will take you to the app store and download the app and then connect to the cleaner using wifi on your phone and its ready to use.

  6. Lauren Black

    I loved this product as soon as I opened it. I got it because one of my twins had an ear infection and he had built up wax in his ears. I loved how I was able to remove the excess wax and see where I needed to go, to help give him some relief I love it also for myself this would be a great moms gift.

  7. Hedda Cocker

    This is awesome. I read tons of reviews and I am glad I bought this one. I cleaned my ears and my boyfriends. His was gross and this device is great so far! If anything happens I will update.

  8. Raymond Julian

    Very intuitive and easy to use. I was able to use it to check my son’s ear and clean out some wax buildup without hitting his eardrum. Glad I bought it, I also looked in my ears for

  9. Donald Harry

    Really neat. I love that I can see in my own ear and take pictures to show others what is in their ear! Thank you for making this!

  10. Willie Buckle

    I saw this endoscope on TikTok and thought that we could use this on our kids’ ears. The device is nicely packaged and was super easy to start using. It doesn’t take long to figure out how to get a clear picture on the app. I can see this having many uses.

  11. Truman Giles

    My ears felt like they were stopped up used the otoscope and they were clean so I figured it was allergies but my sister had hearing loss in one ear went to the doctor and they said it was dry skin 3 years ago. she used the scope and seen a clump stuff couldn’t get it out went to the doctor again this time they were able to get it out she is so happy to get that broken piece of q-tip out thanks to being able to see it with the otoscope.

  12. Maria Pansy

    So easy to set up and use! This will definitely save me trips to the ENT doctor. Now I can clear the wax from home! Definitely recommend!

  13. Douglas Smollett

    I like this otoscope but I am sure I will need to practice controlling it a little more for it to be effective.

  14. Kay Cowper

    So I’ve been seeing this tool trending on TikTok and decided to buy one to try out for myself. HOLY COW. This is AMAZING. I clean my ears faithfully but never knew how much gunk was actually impacted in them. This thing is so easy to hook to your phone and the picture quality is surprisingly awesome.

  15. Tina Billy

    It was so easy to set up and start using. We cleaned out mine and our sons ear. We removed some very difficult to remove ear wax! It was an amazing experience. Would recommend!

  16. Willie Buckle

    A product I never knew I always needed! Simple set up and easy to use. Clearly you need to be extremely cautious when putting anything in your ears, and this is no exception. Oddly satisfying to see whats really going on in there! Great price and product is exactly as described.

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